• Bericht uit Anno! Hieronder kunt u een stukje lezen van Mohammed Abashu Iyena, een scholiere uit Anno.

    Case story of success – Project: Anno Taji Community School 

    My name is Mohammed Abashu Iyena. I was born in 1999 E.C. InArsi, Munessa woreda, Copha peasant association, from my mother Birke Bonkiyu and father AbashuIyena. When I was 3 years old, I was playing with my peer’s like riding on stick as a horse and I was trying to make person, coffee pot and ox from mud to play. At my age of 4-6, I joined 0’ class in Anno Community village literacy center. When I was 7 years old, I joined grade one in Chike primary school and scored an average 75% (ranked 11th) in first semester. In second semester I scored average 70% (ranked 13th), as a result of distance of the school from the home of my parent. I have been challenged by cold weather, slippery road during rainy season to go to the school. As a result of this and other problems, my academic performance was not good. When I was in grades two, my parents have transferred me to Anno Taji community school and I am getting quality education in the school.

    After all, I am free of any challenge on my education and I am attending and studying my education in a good manner. Two years ago, I scored average 90% and ranked 4th out of 60 students in my grade four education. This is already a lot of progress when I compare with my result during my education in Chike primary school.

    In grade five I scored an average 95.2% (ranked 3rd) in my class. Now I am learning in grade six and I have planned to score 98.5%. My academic performance has improved as result of quality of teaching – learning process at school level, House to house visit program, establishment of clubs (e.g. mother club) in the school. Lastly, I wish to score high point and join University

    Thank you – Galatom


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